Dealing with Being a Workaholic.

TJ and I both have a confession to make: we are “workaholic”. I find myself struggling to say “no” at my day job — taking on task after task, accepting new roles, and staying late to catch up most weekdays. TJ is getting home from his career and immediately beginning his work with Apoth. To say that we are busy is a gross understatement — we hardly have the time to blink.

Initially, the idea of being a workaholic doesn’t seem like such a negative thing – especially when you are a client looking for a dedicated team to complete your job. I don’t think the concept is anything new. People have been career oriented since the beginning of time. When you find a profession you enjoy — and one at which you are exceptionally talented – it is easy to get caught up in your job. We are a society that introduces the need for a career path to children at an early age (how many of you remember writing journal entries in elementary school dealing with “what I want to be when I grow up”?). So, it’s no wonder most people spend the majority of their lives working.

Fair warning — I’m about to put another thought into words that might not sit well with some of our clients:

I don’t believe that being a workaholic is healthy.

It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of college, experienced, single, or married — spending too much time on your career can be overwhelming, alienating, and unhealthy. I speak from experience. TJ and I both have careers, we are newly married, and we just started a company. Our lives are currently consumed by work, and recently we’ve been guilty of tipping the scales in favor of our careers over our relationship — what a true workaholic would do. Consequently, we’ve taken a step back to look at better ways to manage our time and give relationship the attention it deserves.

My great-grandpa used to say, “too much of anything is bad for you,” and I can’t agree more with that. Being healthy is all about balance. Too much exercise can cause injuryToo much food can cause illness. Both things are necessary in order to stay healthy, but overdoing them is detrimental. I like to think that it is similar with our careers. We take on a career to support our lifestyles and to feel a sense of fulfillment in life, but a balance is absolutely necessary — so as not to become a chronic workaholic. 

There are other important aspects of life: relationships, hobbies, and relaxing. Finding a balance between each is crucial — at least that is something we are both discovering. We are also discovering that the balance doesn’t need to be 50/50 — it can be 40/60 or even 30/70 — but there needs to be a conscious effort to focus on more than just our jobs. We are human, afterall, and we fully intend to ride this marriage out until the very end.

So, if you’re a potential client looking for a team that values their work and will give you 100%, we can promise you nothing less! However, if you are looking for a team that puts work before everything else and will drop everything to be at your beck and call, that’s not who we are. We pride ourselves in being a partnership, and that partnership extends beyond our careers. We are a team in work and life, so we intend to be fully present in both. I promise you: this is not a disclaimer. Rather, it is a pledge to ourselves and to you — because the stronger our partnership is, the better the job we can do for you.

Afterall, our mission statement declares the following:

We are a “team” in the purest sense of the word – both in business and life. Through hard work, dedication, and a love for creativity, we have worked to craft our beautiful partnership. While we each have our own unique quirks, we both share a drive to express and the ability to create. We work in tandem, honing our individual strengths and lifting each other up to create something that we can take pride in.

So, we invite you to share in our pride. Contact us today if you are looking for design work that is crafted from the core of our partnership!




New beginnings can be terrifying.

With every major change we make in life, there is always a risk. Though the risk itself can be the reason we choose not to change, it can also be a thrilling adventure. In the past few years, TJ and I have embarked on a handful of new journeys: marriage, degrees, home-ownership, careers, furry new family editions, and most recently, a new company. Ultimately, seeking creative success.

We can’t pretend like everything has worked out perfectly — but that is part of the odyssey of life. Failure is one of the reasons we choose not to take risks, but I would also argue that it is one of the most important aspects of life. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I believe that even the worst-case-scenario can provide the most important life lessons. The way we overcome our hurdles and hardships has far more of an impact than our success stories. We learn more from failure than from success.

It may be pretty gutsy of me to mention failure in the wake of starting a new business, but in our case, it has helped to shape the very core of Apoth Creative. TJ has been designing for just over a decade, and through his experiences with various creative agencies, he has learned what works and what doesn’t. The latter has been his biggest inspiration for starting Apoth. TJ believes that he can offer a more successful and personalized approach to design — and I agree.

I may not be a designer, but I am a creative, and I’m pretty confident I know TJ better than any other person in the world (one of the many benefits to having a life-partner). TJ is one of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met — it’s one of the many reasons I love the guy. He is a listener. Some would interpret this quality as “shy” or “quiet”, but really, he is so attentive that he remembers the tiny details about individuals and their stories. That is what I believe makes him such a great designer. When he creates, he can perfectly capture someone else’s vision because he values getting to know them on an individual level.

It has been TJ’s dream to start his own creative studio, and with everything falling into place, it seems like the perfect time to set that dream into motion. I am so unbelievably excited to share this new journey with him — as both a partner and a contributor. We hope that you too are excited for this new adventure and that you will join us as a part of the Apoth family.

So, here’s to new beginnings, great partnerships, and seeking creative success.

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