Thomas (TJ Fulfer)

Founder + Visual Storyteller

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Meagan Zahora

Content Strategist + Social Media Specialist

Meagan is a ginger-wannabe, eating is one of her favorite hobbies, and occasionally she can be an insufferable know-it-all. She is also a full time musician, teacher, and llama appreciator (but she doesn’t get paid for the latter).

While she is newer to world of content creation, she finds many parallels between the design and music world. As a vocalist, Meagan believes in the healing power of music. She is an advocate for keeping the arts in public schools, and she has directed a number of high school choirs across the state. She frequently narrates her life in song - driving her partner insane.

An aspiring writer, Meagan frequently finds herself lost in a good book for days. She loves words and weaving her way around a sentence. She also loves creative writing and has written the lyrics and songs for a variety of music projects: The Knitted Cap Club, Fox and the Acres, and most recently, Blue Thistle.

Meagan is ambitious. She pours herself into a project with intensity, thoroughness, and a thirst for knowledge. She loves learning about new things, and cultivates a sincere and lasting relationship with her clients. She strives to find honest and creative ways to bring a project to life through the magic of vocabulary.


Just as an apothecary prescribes and prepares remedies, Apoth’s goal is to craft the creative remedy to your growing needs. We recognize the uniqueness of our clients, so forming a positive and meaningful relationship is really important to us. With our holistic approach to branding, we spend the time getting to know our clients so that their individual voice is successfully translated within each project. Our aim is to be more than just a “design company”. We want to form a lasting bond to continue to help your company’s distinctive identity shine.

Our Partnership

We are a “team” in the purest sense of the word—both in business and life.

Through hard work, dedication, and a love for creativity, we have worked to craft our beautiful partnership. While we each have our own unique quirks, we both share a drive to express and the ability to create. We work in tandem, honing our individual strengths and lifting each other up to create something that we can take pride in.

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